Arsenal Goalkeeping Program

Please see the below for specifics to the 2018-2019 Schedule

Wed 5th
Fri 7th ECNL Girls only
M 10th, W 12th
M 17th, W 19th
Fri 21st ECNL Boys only
M 24th, W 26th

Fall Break no training Monday October 1st through Tuesday October 9th (Around Arsenal Challenge)

W 10th
M 15th, W 17th
Fri 19th ECNL Boys only
M 22nd , W 24th
Friday 26th ECNL Girls only
M 29th

No training October 31st

M 5th, W 7th
M 12th, W 14th

M 3rd, W 5th
M 10th, W 12th
M 17th, W 19th

January, February
M 14th, W 16th
M 28th, W 30th
M 4th, W 6th

M 25th, W 27th

M 4th, W 6th
Friday 8th ECNL Girls only
No training March 11th-15th
Friday 15th ECNL Boys only
M 18th, W 20th
Friday 22nd ECNL Girls only
M 25th, W 27th

M 1st, W 3rd
Friday 5th ECNL Boys only
M 8th, W 10th
M 15th, W 17th
M 22nd, W 24th

All goalkeeper sessions will be held at Paloma Soccer Complex.

Any cancellations to Goalkeeper sessions will be done via email.

Arizona Arsenal Soccer Club is proud of the Goalkeeping staff they have working with their goalkeepers.  The staff brings professional, college, high school, and club experience to the position.