Thank you for your interest in the Arizona Arsenal Soccer Club Tryouts. 

We are currently in Stage 2 of our Tryout process utilizing Phase 1 modifications and restrictions.

There are still openings on select Arizona Arsenal Soccer Club teams for the 2020-21 Season.

Players that are interested in being evaluated need to contact  or the coaches in that specific age group to be attend Stage 2 of our Tryout Process

Stage 2

Starting, Tuesday, May 26th, procedures will be in place for extended tryouts/placements. These will be for current Arizona Arsenal Soccer Club membership and players invited by team coaches.

See the below for more specifics on Stage 2 Tryouts

Who Should be attending?

  • Players currently from a team inside Arizona Arsenal Soccer Club
  • Players invited by one of the coaches in the age group

What do Tryouts look like?

  • Small individual technical sessions
  • No more than 30 people on one field (this includes players, coaches, parents)
  • All sessions will last 60 minutes and we are asking all players to immediately head to their vehicles at the end of the session
  • Each player will have their own coned area at the field where they will place personal belongings to adhere to 10 feet of social distancing

What should players bring?

  • Fully pumped up Soccer Ball (appropriate size for your age group please)
  • Proper footwear
  • Water Bottle

What do Parents do?

  • Any parent of a 2007 Child or older will not be allowed to come on the fields during training sessions
  • For the 2008 and younger age groups, we will allow 1 Parent/Guardian to come out with the child (do not bring extra children please)
  • All social distancing rules will be in effect for any parent/guardian
  • Our 30 person protocol per field includes parents as well so we do ask that if you don't need to be out there then please wait in your car if possible
  • During hydration periods we do not want your child coming over to you

What are safety protocols?

  • No hugging, fist-bumping, high fives or any type of touching
  • We are only allowed 30 people in a field area so we will be setting out cones to mark off areas
  • Players are not to share soccer balls
  • Don't approach coaches at any time for hand-shaking or to ask questions (we want to maintain a safe environment)

What do we do when we leave?

  • Go to your vehicle and exit using the main entrance
  • Coaches will be in contact with players via email and phone to discuss options

What do I wear and where do I go when I arrive?

· Teal shirt should be worn with black shorts (if you don’t have a teal shirt then please contact age group coach with your size – they can try to bring one for $10)

· There is NO CHECK-IN required during this 2nd stage

· Proceed directly to the field you are assigned and get on an orange cone

· Make sure you are at the correct field – we are using Paloma and Strikers Complex (1 mile to the south of Paloma)

Paloma is located at 3215 S. Sossaman, Mesa, AZ 85212

Strikers complex is located 12033-12341 S Sossaman Rd, Mesa, AZ 85212

We recognize that you may not feel comfortable attending a tryout session and we respect that decision.  Please contact the coach in your age group to tell them if you will not be attending so they may work with you to find alternate options.  If you are not sure if you should be attending then please contact the coaches in your age group.  

If your child is sick or injured please do not attend the tryout sessions.

We will NOT have restrooms available for public use so please go before you leave home.

A trainer will be on site for anybody that needs to be seen for an injury occurring during the evaluations.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact AASC DOC Drew Guarneri at or contact the coaches in your age group directly.
(see TEAM DIRECTORY under the CLUB Tab for assigned coaches)


We will have access to a trainer for injuries

Stage 2 of Arizona Arsenal Soccer Club Tryouts