Rec Q and A

Are all skills levels and new soccer players welcome in ARSL?

ARSL Rec soccer is a great place to try soccer for the first time and for those who have played several seasons too. A recreational setting is meant to be a fun environment for new soccer player to learn the game and those who have played to hone their skills.

How often are practices and where are they held?

We encourage all our teams to practice at least once a week and for the older ages we recommend up to two practices per week but no more than two. We offer practice space for all our ARSL teams at the Paloma Soccer Complex. However many teams choose to practice in a neighborhood park that is near to most families on the team. This is a choice we encourage each team makes at the beginning of the season.

When and where do you play your games?

Games are played on Saturday mornings at Paloma Soccer Complex. Please check the season schedule for exact dates and times.

How much does the ARSL cost and what does it include?

The ARSL registration cost is $80 per player and includes a uniform set of 1 game jersey, 1 game short and 1 pair of game socks. Practice t-shirts and parent/sibling booster gear is available during the registration process as optional gear for purchase.

Who do the ARSL teams play against?

The ARSL teams play against other ARSL teams.

What is the age range of the Academy players?

ARSL players range in ages from 5 years old all the way up to 10 years old. The players are broken into teams based on their age.

Are the ARSL teams Co-Ed?

Yes all ARSL teams are Co-Ed (girls and boys on same teams). We try and balance out each team so there aren’t teams with more boys than girls.

Can my child play with a friend or neighbor or family member or a certain coach?

Yes*, as long as the players are similar in age we try out very best to get all “Special Requests” honored. There are times when the age gaps are to large that it isn’t safe for us to place children that are too young or too old on the same team. As well with coaches we try and honor all coach requests too, a coaches own children are given priority to their team. Please make sure to write all SPECIAL REQUESTS during the registration process in the SPECIAL REQEUSTS comment box.
*We will do our very best to accommodate all requests BUT there are times when not all requests can be honored. We will do our best to communicate with you if we cannot honor a request. As well any LATE registrations with special requests may NOT be able to be honored.

What is the difference between ARSL, Academy and Club Soccer teams?

ARSL is the recreational arm of Arsenal and it is where we recommend new soccer players to get their start, it is the least competitive of the 3 options. ARSL has NO professional coaching staff and all coaches are parent volunteers. Academy is the next level of soccer at Arsenal and a great place to move to when you feel like soccer is a sport your child is excelling at. Academy is a more competitive level of soccer than ARSL. Academy has professional coaching staff that runs each training session and they run specialized drills to help players advance their soccer skills. Parents volunteers are asked to coach for Saturday games in Academy. Club soccer teams are the most competitive level of soccer at Arsenal. Prospective players participate in try out session each May for a spot on their respective aged team, these teams are NOT Co-Ed. All Club teams have a paid professional coach and practices are 2-3 times a week and games and tournaments are on Saturday and Sundays.

How do I begin registering my child in the ARSL program?

We now have online registration which makes registering your child or children easy. To begin the registration please click here.