Arizona Arsenal Soccer Club Girls ECNL

Arizona Arsenal Soccer Club is a proud member of the Girls Elite Club National League and compete in the Southwest Conference.

The ECNL program is geared towards high level players with an emphasis on strong competition focusing on development.  The ECNL platform that features National Events for only ECNL member clubs is notable for the high number of college coaches for the High School aged players.

The ECNL is a national youth soccer league founded in 2009 for U-13 through U-19 girls’ teams for the purpose of providing the highest level of competition and the best developmental environment for American female youth soccer players, as well as an identification and development program, which will seek to include players in US Soccer’s National Teams.

MISSION: The Elite Clubs National League, Inc. (“ECNL”) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit member-based organization founded in 2009 to enhance the developmental experience of the female youth soccer players in the United States through:
    •    Improving the competitive environment through creation of a true national competitive league with multiple flights;
    •    Improving the process for identifying elite female soccer players for the U.S. Soccer youth national teams through a systematic scouting and identification program based on national competitions; and
    •    Improving the daily training environment at top female youth soccer clubs through developing best practices and training and organizational guidelines for its member clubs. 

GOAL: The goal of the Elite Clubs National League (ECNL) is to change the landscape for elite female soccer players in the United States through innovative, player-centered programming and to enhance the overall experience by creating a better, more enjoyable, and more successful player, coach, and club development model.
ACTION PLAN (Summary): The ECNL is led by a Board of Directors elected by the member clubs. Day-to-day operations are managed by the ECNL Executive Director and ECNL Commissioner.

The Competition Platform

    ◦    ECNL Conference & Cross-Conference Games: Every ECNL Member Club has been placed into one of eight regional conferences for regular season play. All five ECNL age groups will play every team in their conference both home and away, and then will also play 2-4 cross-conference games against other regional opponents. In total, each team in the ECNL is scheduled to play 15-18 conference or cross-conference games per year.

    ◦    ECNL National Showcase Event Games: In addition to the conference and cross-conference games, there are five ECNL National Showcase Events throughout the year where participating teams play 3 games at each event. Each team at the U15 and U18 age groups will participate in two of these events, while each team at the U16 and U17 age groups will participate in three of these events. These games are key to determining the ECNL National Champions at each age group. ECNL National Showcase Events are the largest collegiate recruiting events in the country (drawing more than 350 different colleges to each event), and are scouted by US Soccer National Staff.

    ◦    ECNL National Championships Games: All ECNL Member Clubs participate in the National Championships. Roughly 500 games will be played spanning the 5-day period with over 6,000 participants

More information on the Girls Elite Club National League can be found at the below link: